Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ride to Avila Beach

Looks like a great day to ride to Avila Beach!
Leaving home in Arroyo Grande it is down hill to...
Pismo Beach.
This Cafe usually has a line out the door...hmm...I am not a fan of clam chowder, but maybe they have something else worth lining up for!
My trusty steed on the Pismo pier. We left home in the sun, but the fog is still clinging to the coast line.
The pelicans sit near the fishermen on the pier, occasionally sneaking in and stealing a freshly caught fish.
Very tasty cinnamon rolls. I somehow resist the temptation today, to indulge guilt free tomorrow!
Cruising along through Shell Beach and over the hill to the Bob Jones trail.
I've never taken this trail before...good day to check it out.
It meanders through a resort or two
before crossing a bridge, through a golf course,
and arriving at Avila Beach. Home of the Hula Hut!
I like to grab a bite to eat here and I am always a fan of their homemade fudge!
Fueling up for the uphills on the return ride home. I am still looking for the path that is down hill both ways!

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