Friday, July 10, 2009

Case's Gang from Work

A party at Alex's BBQ in Shell Beach, a send-off for Ryan who is heading back to school for more advanced training.
Left side, from the foreground: Greg and Sheri Marquez, Chris-man, Chris-miss, and Ken. Right side: Case, Ken, Ryan, Stephanie and Launi.

These quick snap shots of Case's office don't show well -- not easy photographing a small-ish office -- but better than nothing.
I've been wanting to make Case's office more pleasant and presentable ever since we arrived in January. Case has been holding me off, waiting for the paint crew that was promised to paint the interior of the building.
Case requested a soothing green, and we were able to come up with a wonderful color that complemented the carpet and (accidentally) tied in the upholstery on the the chairs. The painters I'd been waiting for arrived in June, (that was six months of patience on my part) and soon afterward we did a bit of decorating to make a more comfortable work environment.
Comfortable, but not too homey, as I am hopeful he will not be living at work! Apparently the gang at the office has admired my decorating and are hopeful I will take on redecorating the whole office. It's a very nice compliment, but I've decided my interior design abilities end with Case's office; a professional might be a wiser choice!

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