Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Morning Run, Pismo Beach

Summer fog clings to the coast line as a trailer full of toys pauses at the southern entrance to Pismo Beach. This is one of a very few beach areas in California open to motorized vehicles, so even on the foggy days, folks come to cruise the strand and play in the sand dunes.
We're out for our Sunday morning run. We like running during low tide on the long and flat stretches by the surf. (It's about 6 miles from Pismo's cliffs at the north end to where large signs and large fines protect nesting plover at the south end.) During the week it's more efficient to stay home, put our shoes on, run out the door and around our neighborhood,
but it is fun on the weekends to run while watching the fishermen pursuing their catch. The miles go by more easily
watching the surfers play on the breakers. Occasionally, our paths cross as they enter and exit the water.

We come across sandcastles in varying states of construction or destruction, depending on the change of tide. I snap pictures on the fly, never knowing for sure what I've gotten till later at home.
Like this one of a legless Case, some how making strides down the beach!
Another kid surfer crosses our path as we near the Pismo Beach pier.
We continue under the pier a bit further before turning around,
now heading back we notice more traffic on the beach as the sun gets ready to break through the fog and the tide begins to rise.
Completing our goal distance, we kick off our shoes,
and cool off our hot feet in the very cool Pacific! I love running here!

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