Sunday, August 02, 2009

Cinnamon Rolls and the Sunday Paper

While waiting in line at the cinnamon roll shop in Pismo Beach we entertained ourselves with the local paper Coast News, Police Blotter section, and we're reminded of why we moved to AG from the LA area:

July 26
Arroyo Grande

Juveniles were reportedly chucking water balloons at cars from a tower outside a hotel on the 800 block of Oak Park Boulevard.

What was thought to be a prowler on the 600 block of Printz Road turned out to be people toilet papering a gate. The caller reported her husband had possibly gone outside to investigate armed with a firearm. The toilet paper was probably needed after all.

Pismo Beach

A stranded otter was reported north of the pier.

Pancho's Surf Shop nabbed a shoplifter.

A son reportedly stole money from his parents safe located in their home on Holloway and went to Santa Barbara and bought a Mercedes.

A woman who reported her wallet may have been stolen while shopping on Five Cities Drive found it when she got home.

Two males were reportedly hanging around Harry's Beach Bar "stirring things up." Isn't someone always hanging around Harry's?

July 25
Arroyo Grande

A caller on the 200 block of Brisco Road reported golf balls on her property. It was believed someone might have been teeing off at the neighboring Ocean View Elementary School.

Pismo Beach

A kayaker was reportedly fishing in the lake area near Hacienda del Pismo. The caller said she saw him throw a line in. The man informed the woman that rangers said he was allowed to. Something fishy is going on.

A number eight billiard ball was stolen from Hot Shots. Considering you have to leave a license to rent the balls, catching the culprit should be a bank shot.

A woman at the bowling alley was arrensted for drunk in public and rolled a gutterball in county jail.

July 24
Arroyo Grande

A suspicious subject in a dune buggy on Brighten Avenue reportedly gave juveniles taking part in a summer program $150 and then drove off. A teacher on the scene said the man donated the money so that the kids could have ice cream.

Yes, $150 would buy us a nice supply of Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch! Have I mentioned, I love living here!


Heather said...

I accidentally came across your blog while googling. This police blotter is hilarious! I live in Lompoc and our own blotter is more depressing and not so well written. Who wrote this one???

Case and Jolene said...

Heather, glad you were entertained as I was, and I apologize for not having given credit to the talented writer. I don't have access to the writers name at the moment, but I'll try and find it and post it later.