Wednesday, August 05, 2009

An Evening on Newport Harbor

Taking in a 3D movie at the Discovery Science Center in Orange County.

While living nearby in Fullerton, we drove past the science center on occasion and wondered what might be inside. Now, back in town for a visit, we decided to spend the hot hours of the day here before moving on to take in the Orange County Fair.Our discovery at the Discovery Science Center was that mid-summer means lots of sugar-hyped kids screaming and running from exhibit to exhibit, pushing buttons. It was NOISY in there!

After all that bustle and noise, Case decided cruising around Newport Harbor in an electric boat would be more peaceful than joining the crowds at the fair. (After all, we're on vacation, so we get to do whatever we want, and change our plans as often as we please.)
Many of these cute electric boats cruise the harbor around sunset.
The rays of the setting sun warm the colors of this picture, but the air is already quite cool and you can't see the warm blanket Jolene has wrapped herself up in!

Lazy sea lions take over a vacant dock.
Individual sail boats race each other back to the dock, hoping to beat the setting sun.
While admiring the extravagant boats moored through out the bay, we noticed lots of silly names. Boat names seem to attract bad puns. However, all three boats moored at this dock, which services one of the most palatial homes on the bay, were named "Mr. Terrible". Ya' gotta wonder about that owner...
Add ImageAs we round the far end of the bay, the moon rises from behind the hills.
Darkness settles in, leaving a lighted path across the harbor waters -- a beautiful end to a wonderful evening!

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