Friday, August 07, 2009

The Getty Villa, Santa Monica, CA

Once the entire museum, the J. Paul Getty Villa houses only the oil tycoon's collection of Greek and Roman antiquities since the museum's expansion into the Getty Center in nearby Malibu.
The renovated Villa is as lovely as the art itself.
Ponds and pools,
sculptures and reliefs,
fountains and frescoes,
and gardens blend into a harmonious whole. Case thinks this guy has had his eye on Jolene,
and then this seems Case's attention has gone elsewhere...and it's time to take him home!
On the way (well, a little out of our way, actually), we stopped to eat in "Little Ethiopia". Jolene hadn't tried their cuisine before, but having previously seen her chow down when we visited "The Banana Leaf Restaurant" in Singapore, Case knew she likes anything eaten with just her hands.

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