Thursday, April 08, 2010

Our Twins Arrive

It's a fine day to birth a couple babies...
Jolene awaits her ride to the hospital.
First time in the hospital, and actually happy to be here, too! (This goes against all the Bauer genes...)
Fast forward past a couple hours of paperwork, checking vital signs & labs, and the babies are out with Mama & Papa.
I'n't she cute!!!
Hey! Who's that masked man with my babies?
Jolene has to go to recovery for a couple hours, so Papa gets time with the babies in the nursery.
This is little Anneka, always the most active while in the womb, and the first out the door.
And here you can see their characters starting to come through: Anneka (on the left) is a little more active and fussy, with a stronger startle reflex. She was 6 lb 3 oz, probably because of all the exercise she had turning somersaults in the womb. Mariella is quieter and more methodical, but she had a little trouble with blood sugar in her first hour out in the big, wide world (all fine now). She was 6 lb 10 oz. Both were 18" long with overly large heads (a Ketting trait).
And here is Anneka, all bathed and beautiful, snuggled up to Mama's right side...
...and Mariella snoozing out on Mama's left.
And here's the mom, looking awfully good for all she's been through, and very happy with her two little cuties tucked in close.


Ginger said...

Congrats and thanks for posting photos! I'm mighty pleased to see the proud papa wearing the shirt that subtly encourages his girls as to where the best higher education can be found for their bright futures! ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! They are beautiful. Any names yet?

Emily said...

I am the anonymous one. Emily Dunston!

Barbara said...

Congratulations, Case and Jolene! What beautiful little girls, and such lovely names. You all look so happy and it's wonderful to see your sweet little family!