Monday, April 12, 2010

Taking the twins home

By Monday, the doc felt like Jolene and the kids could safely head home. The staff at Sierra Vista Hospital had been very helpful in getting us ready for "life on the outside". Aside from allowing Jolene time to recover from surgery, the nurses provided lots of helpful advice for the new parents and sent us home with lots of "loot". (You can never have too many boxes of sample formula, "single-use/disposable" feeding bottles & nipples, etc.)

We also appreciated the daily visits and encouragement from lactation consultant. Then, every night, the nurses would take the kids for at least one feeding shift, giving us the chance for some much needed rest. (Maybe this was because Case brought them lots of tasty treats, but we think they would have done it anyway.)
The kids' review of their hospital stay might be a little more mixed, as along with all the cuddling and praise from the nurses, they got some immunization shots. Ugh! However, they seemed quite content upon departure.

The discharge process was -- as at all hospitals -- lengthy and bureaucratic, but relatively painless for all that. Then it was time to see if those fancy car seats really worked, and whether our 14 year-old Audi would haul us all.
It got a little tight for Papa in the driver's seat, but it worked!
And so we came home to weather as bright and sunny as the day we left, just 4 nights previous.
Once inside, the kids* got bundled off to sleep in their crib...
... and Mom followed a short time later.
*P.S. No, we can't always tell them apart without closer inspection. For convenience sake, we usually place Anneka on the left and Mariella on the right, as in this photo, but we still get mixed up sometimes. And it doesn't help that they sometimes decide to switch personalities. We *think* we have one calm sleeper and one who's a little more hyper, but as to which deserves which title...


Anonymous said...

Jolene - This is Jen Rouse. Great photos! Looks like you got the Graco Snugfit 32 infant seat. I had that on my list but we decided to go with the Snugfit 35. Also looks like we have the same taste in sheets - I love those damask designs!

gwalter said...

We could never put the car seat behind the driver's seat, for my sake. Case, if I remember right, you're at least my height, if not slightly taller, so my guess is you'll be buying the proverbial minivan soon. ;)

Isn't it GREAT! being a Dad. It is absolutely, without a doubt, the best role I've ever had. I tell anyone who stays around long enough to listen, that if I'd known it was going to be so cool, I might have started having kids before I turned 46. Of course I had to wait for Jennifer to come along!

PS: If I had twins, I might be tempted to tattoo their initials on the back of their necks - just for convenience. For the same reason we color code our drug boxes. Not that we couldn't read the contents, but because it saves time.

Congrats again - beautiful little girls.

Please let us know when you'll be in the PNW again, we'd love to see them - and you too of course - oh, and to meet Jolene!