Saturday, April 10, 2010

Photographicus Gratuitori

We have decided that Jolene is in charge of milk manufacturing and delivery, while I (Case) am in charge of production and customer service. So, pretty much, I have three duties:
  1. every 3 hours, transfer babies between Jolene and the their bassinets
  2. deliver regular pep talks to Jolene about channeling her inner cow
  3. occasionally, utter (udder?) a surreptitious "MOOOOOOOOO" from behind my magazine
This leaves me plenty of time to succumb to that common affliction of new parents: photographicus gratuitori

More to come...

P.S. Jolene feels it important to point out that I have also succumbed to another common parental affliction known as "telling tall tales". Apparently, from where she sits, she has seen me change diapers, bottle feed the kidlets, and even cuddle and rock them to sleep. I also happened to catch her attention when I misread the breast-pump dial and set it to "maximum" instead of "minimum". Can't imagine how she picked that little error up. Sharp eyes, maybe...


Ginger said...

You have a voracious audience of looky-loos and appreciators of the notorious "Case Ketting humor," so keep those photos and anecdotes coming. But for Pete's sake, don't mess with that dial!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! With gorgeous babies as those two, they deserve paparazzi! I sent a package through USPS on Friday to the girls. Hope they enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos and humorous writing! Great customer service!

Anonymous said...

Hello Case and Jolene, what a beautifull daughters you have. there looking so cute. We hope everything is fine, and we wish the four of you all the best. When will they come to Holland? ;)
Greetings from Mirjam and Jos and the kids.

Case and Jolene said...

Yes, how did I catch the dial eyes were the last thing to be sucked into the machine!!

Jelle said...

Hi Case & Jolene,
Congratulations with your beautiful daughters! They look very happy and peaceful, hopefully the same at nighttimes...? What a wonderful gift of God, blessings!
From Holland with love,
Margriet, Jelle, Anneloes and Kirsten Bakker

Barbara Jarnes said...

Just discovered your site. Fabulous pictures, adorable girls, entertaining and informative posts. Very enjoyable.