Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sabbath Lunch with Ulf & Norma Jean

Ulf & Norma Jean invited us to lunch after church. Their hospitality extended to Mom & Dad Bauer, who are here to help us with the babies, and...... to the babies, too!
Norma Jean bonded with Anneka & Mariella right away. There's something about moms and babies.
Then again, there's something about babies and mom's, too!
And not to forget papas and their daughters!
Photos notwithstanding, the afternoon was not all about the babies. There was a fine meal, thanks to Norma Jean, and an enjoyable time with Richard & Jeanette Bonjour (Case's high school dormitory dean) and Inna (another Scandinavian, like Ulf). It was also Ulf's birthday; we were honored to be included on his special day.

But of course, Ulf (the cameraman) didn't send us photos of himself or anyone else. Must have a chat with him about that...!

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