Friday, July 27, 2007

Freiburg, Black Forest, Germany

While in the Black Forest we visited the city of Freiburg.
Here, we came across a book store with a wide selection of English titles. No matter how many books we bring (a whole day-pack-full to Europe), we tend to run out of reading material in about a quarter of the time we expected -- so we were due for more. We also found a store that had needlepoint, something that I (Jolene) have picked up to keep my hands occupied.
While Jolene was shopping for her needlepoint, Case came across this book store. All their books were in German, of course, but he noticed a preponderance of Jewish authors.
After scoping out the books, he was idling outside and noticed this in the store's display window, sitting quietly among their display books:
Here lived
Irma Neumann
born Ullmann
Deported 1940
Murdered in
There's a story here, no doubt, and a sad one.
The outdoor market was in full swing outside the cathedral in the town square. We found raspberries for Jolene and blueberries for Case!
We also visited the Gothic Freiburg Munster, built beginning in 1120. Here we rested our feet and admired the windows while listening to an organist apparently receiving his lesson for the week on the cathedral organ. (We can record sound using our camera and have often wished for the skill to attach sound files to this blog. This was one of those times. There's nothing quite like hearing a massive old pipe organ in a Gothic cathedral.)

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