Thursday, July 12, 2007

Love in Paris

It was our last day in Paris before taking the afternoon train back to Geneva. (Poor us, eh?)
The day dawned fittingly cool, cloudy, & somber. We walked down the Champs- Elysee early enough to see it without the usual crowds...
took a boat tour to see Paris from the Seine (fun, but probably more bang for the buck -- or perhaps more bucks -- after dark)...
though the boat tour is probably the best way to get a perspective view of Notre Dame Cathedral.
The boat tour is also the best way to view the miniature replica of the Statue of Liberty. (Or, if your perspective is French, perhaps this is the original of which the one in New York is an enlarged replica.)
We returned to view the inspiring spires and reliefs of Notre Dame from the "place" level. Then, as it was time to catch our train, so we caught a glimpse of Notre Dame's interior through the open doorways and headed for the train. (Always leave something for the next trip, right?)

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