Saturday, April 21, 2007

Punta Delgada, Azores Islands, Portugual

We left Miami on April 14, heading for Europe via Bermuda. We were pretty eager to spend some time in Bermuda, but it was not to be. Somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, we sailed into 20 ft. seas and 50+ mph winds. The closer we came to Bermuda the worse the conditions became. Finally, our prudent Captain announced that, as Bermuda's harbors and airport were now closed due to weather, we wouldn't try to sail into port there. Instead, he had found us dock space in Portugual's Azore Islands, about 600 miles west of the Rock of Gibraltar and several days further sailing from our current position. We spent a full seven days at sea before our first port. It's a tribute to the ship and its crew that we didn't run out of food or things to do during that time. (The ship has a mini-golf course, and even an ice rink!)

Arriving at the Azores. The waterfront architecture reminded Case of Penang, Malaysia, where he grew up.

Happy to have my feet on land!

A look around town....

We thought these signs were worth a picture. It's not often you see a signpost pointing opposite directions to reach the same places.
This port city features a number of beautiful public & private gardens. The islands, as a whole, were a lush garden. Apparently, two volcanoes had merged together to form our island, creating a lot of fertile soil in the process.

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