Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Disney's Animal Kingdom, Orlando, FL

Well, I guess we couldn't come to Florida without seeing Mickey's Florida digs...

The Lion King Musical extravaganza complete with Simba!
(I guess according to Walt and staff, the animal kingdom includes cartoon animals!)
"A Bugs Life" with bug 3-D glasses.
(This attraction attempts to be an immersive, sensory experience, featuring bugs ejecting "acid" onto the audience, crawling under their .. er .. seated portions, "stinging" them [through the backs of the chairs], and emitting some smells I am still trying to forget!)

The Okapi
(According to "the experts", the okapi is related to the giraffe. The exhibit featured skulls of the two animals to prove their point. However, it looks to me like the postman serving this guy's parents' household may have been a zebra.)

The Gorilla
(If I weighed 400 lb, all of it solid muscle, I might feel comfortable sleeping nude in public, too!)

Homo crowd-iens
(This species is exhibited at every Disney theme park.)

Wildebeest grazing in a meadow? Does this look like a Disney theme park?
Case and I were very impressed with the African Safari exhibit, providing the safari experience in a natural habitat with near-authentic (but larger) vehicles that drove us through the huge animal exhibit. (OK, the poacher interdiction occurring as part of the ride was a little fakey, I guess, but it is important to remind folks that humans are now the biggest survival threat to most animals.)

I wonder if these guys get headaches holding up those horns all day long!?!?!

A baby giraffe...

and elephant.


Ginger said...

Whoa! Love those glasses. As for the safari... well, Kenya was still my favorite! Four leopards in 3 days ain't bad.

marjan said...

Yeah!!I love those glasses too.

Case and Jolene said...

Hey Ginger,
Yea, the great outdoors is the best for animal viewing. Case said,"Yea, I was on that trip too, and I saw 1 leopard and 3 cheatas." Hey, they were things with spots and for me thay all seem to blend together!!

Case and Jolene said...

Hey Marjan,
Looking forward to meeting you soon!