Saturday, April 07, 2007

Notes to clear up confusion (from Case)

A few folks have written to ask "What's going on?".

For those who haven't noticed, the last few blog posts took a triple-jump from completing the Torres del Paine Circuit in South America on January 29 to visiting Key West in Florida on April 5, with interim foot-plants on Jolene's marathon completion & her cryptic update on how we've been spending the "blank days".

(If you haven't heard of the track-and-field event, the triple jump, don't trouble yourself trying to understand the simile incorporated in the last sentence.)

As Jolene mentioned, we've been traveling California, Washington, and Oregon visiting friends and family. Since this blog serves primarily to update family and friends on our whereabouts, we've let it slide during that time. However, we've had a few intervening experiences that we hope to memorialize here. Keep an eye out for these postings (coming "at some not-far-off time"), if you're interested. (While we will post these under their correct dates, I will try to place an "alert" posting for those of you who want a reminder when they're available.):

Early February: Walking on Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Mid-February: The Egg Drop Contest (Walla Walla College School of Engineering)

Mid-March: Seattle visit featuring Pike Place Market

I will also post about "how we're managing to do this", for those of you who can't believe it's possible to take a sabbatical without being fabulously wealthy. ("Fabulous wealth" is what most Americans assume we have after we tell them about our sabbatical. Interestingly, most Europeans do not assume this. But more on this later.)

Finally, just a note about process: As it's evolved, Jolene selects our pictures and writes a good portion of the text to go with them. When she's done and the post is published, I go back a few days later to expand the prose, embellish the stories, and (where the narrative seems a little thin) add a dash of humor or a tall tale. That being the case, if a recent post particularly interests you, you might try going back to it in a week or so to see what I've done with it. I will no doubt confuse you further, but I will try to do so in an entertaining manner...


Anonymous said...

Case and Jolene,

Wow! You guys sure seem to be having the adventure of a lifetime! I'm sure that this satisfies Case's quest for wonderlust (I'm not sure that this is quite the appropriate term, but Case, you know what I mean). Anyway, things have been quite busy on this end, as I finish up the last 6 weeks of the most challenging, angst-filled nursing program in the history of nursing! A fellow student said that she ran into a graduate from our program last week, who had also been in the military, and he said that he would much rather do military basic training again than to go through this program! I've not been through basic training, but have heard disturbing stories though, and would have to concur with this nurse's description of our program! All this said to provide me an adequate excuse of why on earth I wouldn't write you guys! Jolene--congrats on completing the L.A. marathon!!! What an accomplishment! Congrats to you both for you upcoming one-year aniversary! Unbelievable. Time sure does fly. Anyway, I'm off to study for the day (as usual), but I wanted to take the time to keep myself updated on your adventures, and drop you a quick note. I look forward to seeing what new adventure you both are off to next. I hope that when I'm done with all this blasted school, and the next time you're in town, that we can make the time to get together. Case--I haven't seen you in over a year!! I miss my friend, and look forward to getting to know you, Jolene. I knew immediately that you were "the one" for Case. God sure blesses when we wait on Him.
Anyway, bye for now, and abundant blessings to you both.


Candy said...

I hope my note went through OK. This 'blogger' thing is new to me, but hey--just another way to keep computer-savy!