Monday, April 30, 2007

More around Rome

Case's desire to see the Scala Sancta (famous in their own right as well as for Martin Luther's visit to them) took us to the vicinity of Basilica of St. John Lateran. The happy mistake of believing the Scala were housed within the basilica (they are in the Sancta Sanctorum across the street) brought us into this historic structure. We learned that St. John Lateran (this structure and the ones preceding it) was the seat of the Bishop of Rome for the first thousand years of Christianity. The property on which it stands was actually donated to the church by Constantine at his conversion, and the first church at this site was dedicated about ten years later, in 324 A.D.
My FAVORITE car in the world -- the Smart car, made by Mercedes and Swatch and coming to America in 2008! The size of two scooters, two can park side-by-side in one normal parking spot. The American version will do 90 mph, with out-of-this-world gas mileage! (Actual gas mileage on the American version is not yet published.)

I don't think there's a bad place in all of Rome to spend the sunset hour. This evening, in a plaza whose name has already escaped our memory, we sat on the edge of an ancient fountain, ate foccacia sandwiches, listened to the buskers, and people-watched in the waning light. (Note the rainbow.)
Another Mini vehicle...
"Hey, get a picture, and let's go."
"Wait... I need to take one without the flash."
"Okay, but I can't do this much longer!"
"Hold more...I'm just going to change one camera setting..."
"Hurry!!! My legs are cramping!!!"