Wednesday, April 11, 2007

EPCOT, Orlando, FL

Disney's EPCOT is more of an experience than we were able to capture in photos. Seeing the Disney version of a dozen countries via their architecture, food, music, multimedia presentations, and people ("cultural ambassadors" from each country work at each exhibit) made for a fun day. Being Disney, they included some rides that could be related to the associated country only by stretching the imagination a bit. (But why not? It's Disney!)

Being springtime, Disney was in the midst of their Garden Show. The grounds were in full bloom, including the Disney character sculptures (Beauty and the Beast in their creepy -- vine -- incarnations).
The colors of the corals in aquarium at the "Nemo" aquarium were quite eye catching. We had a lot of fun shooting photo after photo, hoping to get something that would start to convey the beauty of the underwater environment. (Ain't digital film great?!!)
The firework show at the end of the day provided another opportunity to see what digital film can capture...

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