Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sights Around Rome

The Spanish Steps, where Italians "on the make" go to see and be seen -- or so our guidebook said. We simply noted that, judging from the crowds, the entire population of Rome is apparently on the make, and moved on to less crowded venues.
Oh, the cars in Rome! One of the luxuries of travel (over reading a travel book or watching a travelogue) is being able to forego the usual sights in favor of observing the behavior of the natives. We spent and amusing few minutes watching various pedestrians (mostly men) ogle this Lamborghini. We were hoping the owner would return, so we could see who would drive an orange (ORANGE! I ask you!!!) Lamborghini.
What this photo doesn't show is the delicious gelatto we were consuming as we watched the sun set on the Coliseum.
The Trevi Fountain: Rome's second-most-crowded spot.

St. Peter's & the Vatican by night. Due to a fortuitous choice of lodging, the nightly stroll back to our B&B usually took us by this viewpoint.

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