Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bergen, Norway

We have said good-bye to Uncle Gary and Aunt Gail and have taken a train from Amsterdam, into France, through the Chunnel to London were we caught a connecting train to the port of Southampton, England.

We are now on the Grand Princess cruise ship and after settling our selves comfortably, our first priority is laundry. Our clothes, following a couple weeks of daily long bicycle rides and (when needed) a quick overnight hand wash/line dry routine, are begging to be laundered! Lucky for our fellow cruise passengers and us, this ship has a laundry room on each floor, and we decided to use it before the captain came to make a personal recommendation! So our first day at sea was partialy spent in the laundry room, along with watching a movie (The Queen), doing needle point and working on a puzzle (from the ships library).

Our first port of call was Bergen, Norway....it was a lovely sunny day, crisp and cool.
Add ImageThis was the home of composer Edvard Grieg, this brought back memories of piano pieces I'd played in the past.
An ear muffed local enjoys lunch

We stopped by and enjoyed this peaceful church...
and admired the foot warmers under each bench... says something about the climate.
Checking out the shops....in another shop we came across Norwegian sweaters, something each of us just had to have...
Add Imagebefore enjoying the a park bench in the park.
Then back to the cruise ship...and all the food we can eat followed by a movie under the stars while snuggled under warm blankets.

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