Thursday, September 13, 2007

Quototoc, Greenland

The cruise ship was hosted by the large town, 3000 people, of Quototoc Greenland. This is the largest town in Greenland and is located on the southern tip of the island. The local choir put on multiple shows, highlighting their cultural dress and singing in their native language, so that the 3000+ people would have a chance to fit into their small church for the concert.
There are no roads connecting one town to another, they travel from town to town by boat. In the winter time traveling is very limited.
The river through town.
The locals demonstrated Eskimo roles in their kayaks.
The local fish market.
The tourists line up to go back to the ship.
Seal skins for sale. Luckily, the seal is not an endangered species in Greenland.
Friendly locals give us a warm send off!
That night off the coast of Greenland our ship came across high seas. We spent the night riding the crest and trough of each 13-20 wave and the ship slowed to a crawl to keep us as comfortable as possible. With plenty of medicine on board we were quite comfortable, but while I lay awake unable to sleep with the crashing of each wave on the hull of the ship Case slept soundly. In fact he only woke after the second water glass slid off the counter in the bathroom and shattered on the floor! Those were probably the roughest seas I've been through.

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