Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New York, New York, USA!!!

We arrived at dawn in New York Harbor and were welcomed by lady liberty and the Staten Island ferry. After seeing so much and being on the road for almost a year entering the United States was a home coming for me.
The Big Apple and big hair!
Our first steps back in GLORIOUS USA!! We are sitting with all of our luggage, at this point I was feeling quite proud of our packing through out this year. While leaving the cruise ship we were stopped twice by crew members to be sure we had all of our luggage. We'd been in Europe for 5 months with just our back packs, while fellow cruise travelers were leaving the ship with multiple suit cases per person for two weeks of travel. The minimalist in me was just tickled pink to respond, "No, this is it!"
The views of New York Harbor from the Empire State building.
Rockefeller Center, home of the Today Show. The news junkie in me just had to have a picture!
Strolling through a bit of Central Park...
before we headed to the airport for our final leg to LA!

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