Monday, September 10, 2007

Reykjavik, Iceland and The Blue Lagoon

Our plan for Reykjavik was to spend some time at the Blue Lagoon a natural thermal and spa. The cruise ships make arrangements to take people to the Blue Lagoon but it was in combination with other sight seeing and left very little time for soaking and enjoying the hot thermal. So we walked off the boat and through the rain to a place near the airport that arranged tours. What we found didn't meet our needs either but next door was a car rental place and within a few minutes Case had made arrangements for a car rental. We didn't actually take many pictures of the city of Reykjavik but it is a substantial city with a population of 117,000.
We were curious what the scenery would be like and we saw a lot of this....
and this....
A lot of black lava covered with green moss, every where we looked. We were also amused with our Toyota rental car with a center console dash,
a cute little basic functional car, and something we've never seen in the states.
We arrived to the entrance of The Blue Lagoon through a maze of Lava...
and spent the day relaxing, swimming and soaking in the pools, enjoying the hot bath.
The lagoon is open everyday of the year and the Icelanders especially enjoy the pools in the middle of winter.

Then it was back across the lava rocks and moss to our ship in the harbor.

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