Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Prins Christian Sund, Greenland

Oh! The grandeur of Greenland, the largest island in the world. What an amazing day of sights that we could only attempt to capture in pictures. It is hard to sense the remoteness of the area, so pristine and unspoiled, raw nature with all of its power in granite faces, glacier ice caps and ice cold glacier blue/green waters, but here is just a taste to remind us of the experience.
This was the southern tip of the ice cap, that covers most of Greenland.
I was impressed with the color and calm of the water.
we moved along with barely a ripple
Another glacier meets the sea as we stand on the back of the ship.

These were the only people we saw through out the day of cruising the channel. The locals came out in their boat to greet and wave to us. They circled our boat for about 15 minutes, making trips back and forth to their tiny town, taking turns to come greet us. From what we were told only 1 or 2 cruise ships come through this area a year. This may have been quite an event for this tiny town. They are hard to see in this small picture, but there are two dead seals at the back of the boat, tonights dinner for the locals.
At the base of the rocks by the edge of the water there are a few small brightly painted buildings of the town...the only town we saw all day. The ice in this area doesn't melt until summer and this area will once again freeze over for the winter. These are amazing hearty people to live in this remote place that is isolated through the long cold winter.
The mountains rise from the water...
and are topped with misty clouds.
Such great memories!

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