Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Geiranger, Norway

Aaahhhh, Geiranger....what a beautiful fjord of grand snow dusted mountain peaks, icy waterfalls and deep blue waters such a view my mind is taken to another place far away from my tired legs and achy feet as we run like mice on the ship's treadmills.
Once on land we admire the river and waterfalls that run through town...
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and come across an old church and graveyard.

Now we are off to find a hiking trail as the great outdoors is the highlight of this area...
At the bottom of one trail there was a nice selection of walking sticks that were very handy as the trails were very muddy...
Here is the best we could do in capturing the grandiose beauty in small digital format...we recommend seeing it for yourself if possible.

Time for a break...

Storseter Falls
And then we head back down to the ship...well aware that the muddy path presented a slippery the time we reached the ship we were both quite muddy...the laundry facilities are becoming our hangout spot!
While eating dinner we watch the waterfalls and mountains pass as we make our way down the fjord and back to sea.

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