Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cycling Utrecht to Gouda

This day was one of our longer rides and we were also enjoying towns, food and locals along the way...
We started off by visiting the local St. Martin Cathedral in Utrecht....
and admiring their garden.
Flowers add beauty even to a bicycle.
Uncle Gary spent much of our ride with his camera in hand and earned the position as our unofficial photographer, frequently stopping and taking pictures and then catching up with the rest of us as we'd continued on.
Case became our unofficial navigator as we take a break to check the map.
Locals playing bocce ball in the park.
On the road again...Uncle Gary and Auntie Gail's third bicycle tour in Europe.
A castle along the way
Two locals graciously rode us a few kilometers to a local bike shop in Woerdy. Auntie Gail some how lost a screw....or, at least her bike did!
We come across a local bicycle race and arrive just as the winners cross the finish line.
A local, in a dilemma, stops us to seek our assistance as he somehow ended up a few kilometers down the bike path atop a dike....should he drive in reverse the few kilometers back to the road, risk driving down the steep embankment, or attempt to turn around?
The Dutch are very friendly and always willing to point us in the right direction.
Our arrival in the central square in Gouda, with its 15th century town hall.
Gouda is known for cheese, round blocks of cheese are ceremoniously strung across the street.

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