Monday, August 20, 2007

Delft, Netherlands

On a break from our ride from Gouda to Delft. Taking a break at a bakery was always a highlight of the day, I (Jolene) especially enjoyed the fruit tarts.
Waterfront property isn't hard to come by in Holland, many houses have a canal of some sort on their property.

We were really happy with the location of our hotel. Right next to the square and the New Church in the center of Delft.
The New Church and tower that we climbed to the top for views....
of the square below.

We stopped at the delft factory and were given and personal tour explaining the process of making the ceramic piece, painting and firing, all the way to the finished product...
by the owner, whose father had also worked in this factory.
We admire his fathers work and Aunt Gail selects a pieces to take home.
A view from the tower of the New Church of Delft to the Old Church
The interior...
and the burial site of Vermeer, the famous Dutch artist who was born in Delft, lived his entire life in Delft and was then buried in Delft.

The Old Church is also the burial site of Anthony van Leeuwenhoek the inventor of the microscope.
Quite hungry, we filled our table full of Greek food, the waitress was surprised we ordered so much and seemed even more surprised when we ate ever morsel! We didn't ride all those miles to get skinny!!

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Ginger said...

Hey! Jim and I ate at that VERY same Greek restaurant! (It's where we heard the news that the London tube had been bombed, and we were leaving for London the next day.)