Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Leiden to Haarlem

A picture from our hotel window out to the canal as we start the day...

Case checks the map...
and we're off.

To late for tulips but the flower fields were still quite pretty.

A noon time bakery stop...can't keep going with out that daily fruit tart!

While this picture is a bit blurry, this bicycle is one of my favorites. Only in Holland!

We stop to watch a cricket game.
Upon arrival in Haarlem in early afternoon, the home owner met us and got us settled in.
This house was right off the Haarlem square and was built in the 15th century...maybe the oldest home I've stayed in. It's probably had a few remodels...Case and I stayed in an attic room with a rafter low enough we watched our heads as we passed under.

Arriving at the the Cory Ten Boom house that, still today, has a watch/jewlery store at the front with the home above.

Our tour guide was a good story teller and gave a lot of detail about the family history, their beliefs and their story. He holds in his hand the signal sign that sat in the window...when this sign sat in the window it was safe for jews to enter...if the sign was gone something was wrong and no one should enter. While the home was being searched by the gestapo, a family member bumped the sign out of the window, but soilder noticed and replaced the sign in the window.

Six people hid in the hiding place for a number of days, before being resqued...the hiding place was never discovered. The enterance was located between the bottom and second shelf in the cupboard.

Sint Bavo Kerk the center square attraction

The Müller organ in Sint Bavo Kerk, built in 1735, has been played by both Bach and Mozart. There was no concert scheduled during the time we were staying, but we got lucky, someone was practicing while we were in the church and we enjoyed listening in.

Highlights of the church included the stained glass...

and the ship models europeans hang in the Cathedrals following their christening.

Once again we'd worked up an appetite, tonight was pasta night!

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