Thursday, August 23, 2007

Haarlem to Edam

The carpool to school.
This was a day of riding ferries across the canals...
this one was free and took us about a 100 ft to the other side.
Further down the road a beautiful house lined canal.
Yes, the Dutch still use wooden shoes...occasionally we'd see someone walking through town in a pair. They are more commonly used as garden shoes.
A 4th generation pewtersmith demonstrates her craft.
These were our trail markers pointing out the way.
Another short ferry ride...
this one was either free or at most 50 cents.
Our last 30 ferry ride and a short ride to...
Edam...this was one of the cutest hotels, on a canal with a beautiful patio .
Wondering the streets of Edam...
looking for Chinese food...we found Jimmy's and after some confusion in ordering we ended up
with really tasty vegetarian food!

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