Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Audi factory, Ingolstadt, Germany

Audi has quite impressive digs...
We also toured the factory and watched them build Audi A3s on the assembly line. I can't tell you much about that, though, since we arrived too late for the English tour and so took the German one.

So they started out making bicycles...
Aerodynamics from the 1930's. (Case says: Where can I buy one of these? Apparently, however, this race car that looks so ahead of its time was a complete beast to drive.)
The Audi version of the Thunderbird. (Yes, there really was a time when American cars were the automotive standard, and everyone copied them! Oh, how times do change...)
Audi reached a whole new level with the introduction of "quattro" (full time four-wheel drive) transmission in this model. Their original plan predicted sale of maybe 400 vehicles. It really caught on, and now we drive a (later version) quattro.
This Porsche must have gotten lost and ended up at the Audi museum!

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Marjan said...

What a different kind of buildings you saw. The high-tech builings of the carcompany's and the fairytailcastle Neuschwanstein. Wasn't it beautiful? We were there once (at neuschwanstein) and I remember the real light bleu-green river. Have you seen that river?
We're curious what the next blog will show us. Have a nice time!