Monday, June 11, 2007

BMW factory, Munich, Germany

The beginnings of BMW with airplane engines....
followed by motorcycles....
and then into cars. This one was especially cute. The whole front opens up to enter the vehicle and the top speed is 53MPH.
Some old classics....
this "kidney bean" style grill originated with this vehicle and is still present in todays BMW grill design.
Then, walking around the neighborhood, we spotted new BMW's being driven off the assembly line onto the train for delivery. (Jolene wants this job!!!)

Taking delivery of a new BMW from the factory in Munich!

Munich has a fabulous city park. Here is a view from their English Tea Gardens to the roof tops of Munich. Later, when jogging through the park, we saw local surfer boys carving up a standing wave on the river that runs through the park. (But we had no camera with us -- too bad.)

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