Friday, June 15, 2007

Berchtesgaden to Bamberg, Germany

We traveled from Berchtesgaden to our next destination, Bamberg, by train. On the way, we passed through Munich again, and we just had to get a photo of the place where we'd gotten most of our meals while there. This take-out joint in the Munich train station had cheap, healthy sandwiches, fresh fruit salad, and garden salads that always seemed to appeal. There's one in most German train stations. Recommended for travelers on a budget!
The leg from Munich to Bamberg was aboard another fast ICE (InterCity Express) train from Munich ...
... and this time, our speed reached a new record (for us). (Blurriness may be due to train vibration, but may be due to hands shaking from excitement.)
We spent a very relaxed weekend in Bamberg, a small, bustling town with a charming feel. Apparently we were so charmed that neither of us took pictures. So to help us remember Bamberg, we have one sunset view from our hotel window.

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