Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Second Trip to Amsterdam

Bicycles as far as the eye can see....must be Amsterdam.

We're set up...complete with fenders, mud flaps, headlight, 21 gears, soft cushy seat, sturdy rear rack, a ten pound can't-cut-me bicycle lock (essential equipment in a land where 150,000 bicycles are stolen yearly), and a burly looking kickstand strong enough to support a tank. Quite an upgrade from my stripped down, minimalist bicycle at home. Fortunately, Holland is flat so maybe on August's 3 week bicycle trip I can add even more weight -- a handlebar basket containing with fresh flowers -- and really enjoy pretending to be Dutch.

Riding a bicycle while avoiding trains, cars, other bicycles, and pedestrians, and taking a picture, too! Case makes it look easy, but it challenges my multi-tasking skills to the edge of disaster!

Do not disturb.... lost in the shopping zone of delftware.
Are those cows on the ceiling, or have we just walked by too many coffee shops wafting their sweet smelling blue haze onto the street? (Certain Dutch coffee shops deal in marajuana.)

Busy Rembrandtplein (Rembrandt plaza), just down the street from Amsterdam's Centraal Station.

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