Saturday, June 30, 2007

Copenhagen, Denmark

This was an odd sight we kept seeing as we wandered around Copenhagen: Decorated trucks full of screaming youths driving around town. All the kids wore what looked like naval hats and were yelling, singing, and drinking beer. A friend later explained that comprehensive exams had just finished, and this was the students' traditional way of celebrating.
Copenhagen is a very picturesque town. Unfortunately, the spire formed from the entwined tails of four copper dragons was covered with scaffolding for refurbishment. This sight, however, was at least as interesting: These two were piping classical pieces on their tuned beer bottles. Their sign says: "We collect money for new and better INSTRUMENTS." We enjoyed their playing -- they were really quite talented and had clearly put in some practice -- and before we moved on, we made a contribution.
A little later, we were caught in a cloudburst and decided to get out of the rain by riding the subway for fun. Copenhagen just put in their subway, so it has all the latest innovations. The trains are computer controlled and carry no attendant, so we were able to sit at the very front and take pictures as we rushed down the tunnels.

At one stop, a cute little blond-haired Danish boy got on with his parents and made me move over so that he could sit at the front of the car, too. He then proceeded to "drive" the rest of the trip, his foot on an imaginary accelerator regulating our speed and his fingers stabbing imaginary buttons to open and close the passenger doors at the stops. As he and his parents got off the train, his father asked me, "Did you have a safe and comfortable trip?" We laughed and I complemented the 5-year-old on his excellent driving skills. (Too bad we didn't get a photo of him.)

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