Thursday, June 21, 2007

Berlin to Copenhagen, Denmark

Berlin's central train station was quite impressive. The top floor is enclosed entirely by glass, the second floor consisted largely of food stores, restaurants, and even a full grocery store, and the lowest level was where the trains passed through. Very organized...
even there trash is organized. This is a typical trash can in Europe -- they take their recycling quite seriously.
We traveled by train from Berlin to Copenhagen. Here our train (three cars long) is loaded onto a ferry to travel from Germany to Copenhagen, which is located on an island. I was quite fascinated by the process.
The train tracks extend right onto the ferry; we were surrounded by large trucks for the 45 min trip.
We got off the train to have a look about the ferry boat, but after facing the choice between the brisk outdoor winds or the cigarette-smoke-filled interior, we returned to our train car, which was warmer and cozier than outdoors....
and certainly fresher than indoors.

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