Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sunset in Mykonos, Greece

Operating on the theory that if one is good, two are better, our cruise ship took us to Santorini and Mykonos in one day.

Yep, they really do look like the postcards. (Hasn't ceased to amaze me.)

Watching the sunset over the sea...

... and on the flowers!

We found a very tasty dinner for two...

... in a very charming spot.
The island was quite crowded with a number of cruise ships in port, but we somehow lost the throngs and stumbled upon this blind alley restaurant serving absolutely scrumptuous food.
Can you just taste it?
Case was raving about the "tahini dip" (not shown), which I thought tasted rather like fish marinated in lemon juice. He disagreed until his last bite, when his dancing tastebuds apparently slowed down enough to pass on the message. He's glad, though. He says if he'd known what he was eating, he might not have had the courage, and would have missed a treat!
Shooting into the dark through the night vision lens!

Photo of the fishing port, taken as we ambled slowly home.
Mykonos provided a feast for the tum and a feast for the eyes.
Miscellaneous factoid #1: Mykonos' town was purposely built with twisting alleys and blind-ended passageways to confuse raiding pirates.
Miscellaneous factoid #2: Mykonos was Case's favorite stop on the cruise.

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