Sunday, May 27, 2007

Delft, Holland

Celebrating birthday #35 in Delft and enjoying some birthday shopping for delftware!

This photo shows classic Dutch architecture, from the gables of the canal houses to the Gothic spire of Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) in the background.
Nieuwe Kerk has sheltered the crypt of the Dutch royal family since William the Silent ("Father of the Fatherland", and in whose honor the Dutch national anthem was written) was buried here in the 16th centry. His family's burial vaults in Breda (not far from Dongen) were not accessible at the time, due to the war of rebellion against Spanish rule. Also of passing interest, William the Silent was the grandfather of William III, King of England,
King of Scotland,
King of Ireland,
and Stadtholder of the Netherlands.
(Those royals got around in those days, didn't they?)

Yes, it's not just the picture....with age the tower of the Delft church has settled on its foundation, leaving the center spire 6.5 feet off vertical. Here the famous Dutch artist, Johannes Vermeer, is buried...
after spending his entire life in Delft, leaving 34 luminous paintings, including "The Girl with the Peal Earring."

Water lilies on the canal

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