Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik was a pleasant surprise!
The old walled city is very well preserved...

...despite having suffered much shelling in the last war. The diagram shows damage from shells (the black dots) and fire (the red shading).

Unfortunately, being in the early stages of catching cold, we were not feeling well enough to fully appreciate it.
Walking the city wall (in the background, as much as 6 meters thick in places) is a popular tourist activity. At 7 euros per person, with a long line to get on it, we decided to give it a miss.

So what else is there to do in a picturesque European city...
...besides take pictures...
...crane one's neck looking up at the stone churches with friends

...try to take their picture, too

...and try again for a better shot (shown are Eric, Jolene, Denise, & Case) up the buskers

...and take in any free cultural shows you happen across?

"Bye, Dubrovnik. You deserve a second look sometime!"

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I finally caught up with all of your pics, even though I'm in some of them! We did see some of the damage the from the war in the old pharmacy, complete with visible trajectory. I also enjoyed the view from the wall. I had no idea how much it cost because I paid in Kuna!