Friday, May 18, 2007

Keukenhof Gardens, Holland

Guess where we are?

Hey! How could you tell?

Lots of color!

Wandering the garden...

we had come to see the tulips...

but, instead found a pavilion full of lilies!


Something for the easily entertained!

And of course, the obligatory windmill.
(Brace yourselves. There'll be a lot more of these in the days ahead.)
What's left of the tulip fields.
It was a warm spring, and the tulip blooms didn't last long enough for us to see them. Case had to content himself by trying to describe to Jolene what Keukenhof looks like in full bloom.
We were recompensed by the lily and orchid exhibits, however. If Keukenhof in season is a glimpse of heaven, the air in the lily pavilion was a whiff of heaven!

These orchids were just like the first flowers Case sent me. I was impressed! But he took one look at them and decided he could do better. You should have seen that second bouquet!!!

There were enough tulips left to give the "flavor".

And we found photo ops at every turn.

Hey handsome!

Making friends.

Oops! we forgot the zoom again....

that's more like it!

One last picture from the lily pavilion...

and it's time to go home.

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