Monday, May 28, 2007

Madurodam, The Hague, Holland

A day out with (left to right) Carolien, Colinda and Peter-Jan.

The background statue commemorates the famous Dutch legend of the boy who put his finger into the hole through the dike, thus saving his town from flooding.

Madurodam, built in 1952, is a miniature Holland on the 1:25 scale.

I admired the miniature foliage throughout the park and imagine the gardeners are kept very busy keeping everything trimmed to scale.

A miniature St. John's Cathedral of Den Bosch. According to the Madurodam guide, it would cost 450,000 euro to reconstruct this model today.

"Giant" Colinda observes a parade....

and demonstrates the ice slide.

Freezing along with the ice sculptures (a separate -- and full-sized -- attraction carved by Chinese artists and included in the park). We didn't last long in the ice sculptures native enviroment of ~15 F.

Three Eskimos!!

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