Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cycling trip to Breda

Case rides through a neighborhood in Dongen as we head out of town.

We noticed the post-woman doing her rounds!

Case drops by the Breda jail to see if they'll let him in. (From Case: Or maybe just give me a job. I mean, how many penitentiaries do you find that look like this? And we saw the jailer's cars parked out front -- a Jag and a Volvo! Of course, it might be nice to know about the beds and the food before checking in, but with these clues, I figured, "How bad could it be?")

Riding into Breda...
I've noticed how they build their transportation networks: On the left the road for the cars, then the red path for the bikes and a separate walkway for pedestrians. This is especially helpful for cyclists at intersections, where bicycles have their own pathways and stop lights.

Breda's city-center cathedral. This was not a tourist destination, but a working church. Something like this in the U.S. would probably be historical land mark!

On the way home, we stopped by the store in Dongen and filled the bicycle basket with groceries.

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