Thursday, May 24, 2007

Amsterdam, Holland

We took a day trip to Amsterdam from Dongen in southern Holland, about an hour-&-twenty-minute drive. Part of this trip was taking care of business like getting train reservations and making arrangements to rent bicycles later this summer. Case, sitting in the Amsterdam train station preparing to make train arrangements.

After completing our business, we took a tour of Amsterdam's famed canals.

Waiting for the boat.... note the bicycles in the back ground, they were everywhere!!

One of the many bridges over the canal as seen from the canal tour boat: Some canals are narrow and there were a few tight turns for the boat. We had a moment of surprise and consternation when our captain misjudged a turn and swung the backend of the boat into the bridge with solid crack! Maybe this is a common occurance, because he didn't seem to bat an eye... we just bounced off the bridge and kept going.

There were many house boats along the way, complete with water, sewer and electricity. With over 1800 houseboats in Amsterdam, there are apparently a few illegal ones as well. (We're wondering if we can buy and old tub and moor it unobtrusively on a shady canal... Sure would be cheaper than the hotels around here, and I guess our home exchangers are going to want their house back eventually.)

Some boats were quite unique...this guy's barge is a bit overdue to be mowed!

In honor of Case's love for Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch!!! (That and Taco Bell are still on our list for when we get back.)

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