Friday, May 25, 2007

Enjoying a home exchange in Dongen, Holland

Feeling at home in Dongen with a snooze on the couch.

We are both really enjoying being "home". We've had quite a few days were we stay in town, leaving the house only to take a run through town or a bicycle ride along the nearby canals to neighboring hamlet. On a couple few days, we've never even left the house, grunting lazily to each other (OK, for the record, only Case grunts) about how nice it is to be "home" and in one place for a while. We've been very comfortable, and we're enjoying every day of our three weeks at home.

A leisurely breakfast

Oh, the luxury of a kitchen & homemade food!

"Our house" looks very much like the townhouse across the steet through the picture window. On some home exchanges (including this one) the car comes with the house. That's it through the window, too. This is our first home exchange and we are really enjoying our experience!

Plenty of relaxing time (it took about a week of on and off work) to complete a 1000 piece puzzle.

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