Thursday, May 10, 2007

Santorini, Greece

Our stay in Venice found a happy ending as friends from Loma Linda arrived to embark on a cruise to the Greek Islands and Croatia.

Cameron and Irene, who by secrecy and deception beat us to the altar. Their surprise (to all but a select few) wedding occurred January 1, 2006. Some of us rob the cradle to get our brides (or so the expression goes). Others select from the residents we are chiefing. Apparently, the latter, while not technically robbery, is still a clandestine operation.

Santorini served as our introduction to the Greek Islands. They actually look like the postcards!
Jolene finally got her much-anticipated scooter ride.

There are options for the trip up to the town from the docks: you can climb the stairs, ride donkeys up the stairs, or (thanks to a newer innovation) take a cable-car. Guess which one we took?
Although nearly impossible to indicate in photos, Santorini is part of the rim of an ancient volcano whose ca 1650 BC eruption is thought to have caused the demise of the Minoan civilization. Here, we are looking at the inner rim of the caldera as we motor back to our ship, anchored in the ocean-filled space where the main bulk of the island once lay. (Photo at top shows our ship adjacent to the leftover cinder cone.)

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